Cheap Road Trip You Won’t Believe – From Delhi to Goa and Back

Come on! We know for sure you have thought about these three things constantly:

  1. Goa trip. (Don’t remind us)
  2. Road trip. (That teenage planning)
  3. And how much it will cost you. (Still, a bomb, will always be)

So, the all knowing and all mighty editor at TUI Blog came up with an excellent idea – Combine all of these in one and write an article. Or Ask someone else to write it! So here we are, with a 3-in-1 article, Delhi-Goa Circuit along with Expenses.
Stupid heads-up – we are lazy, we have made this trip with lots of relaxed time here and there.
“Chalo Shuru Karein” (Let’s get this party started!)
MAJOR DISCLAIMER – We are trying affiliate links in this article. Just to experiment with the responses. Also, for any trip earphones are a must and keeping them neat, tidy in one place is a pain. Try these earphone cases – please don’t fight, chose one from Superman ( ) or Batman ( ).
The first day is (or should be) super easy.
Day 1: We cover ~360 KM starting from Delhi and reaching Gwalior. If you start early morning you can cover Gwalior Fort (which closes at 5 PM) and start next day journey without spending a day in Gwalior.


Gwalior Fort
Day 2: If you start from Delhi after breakfast and in a lazy way, you reach Gwalior accordingly. We suggest covering Gwalior Fort, which would mean an extra day in Gwalior. For the sake of ‘no-shock’ trip, we have made expense assumptions on a higher note.
A decent hotel in Gwalior would be below INR 1,500. So, for 2 nights, the budgeted expense is INR 3,000.
Day 3: We start early in the morning, we got a lot to cover. From Gwalior, we cover 600 KM to reach Indore by evening. Yeah, that’s around 10-hour journey at 60 KMPH or 12 – 13 hours easily with breaks. Indore may not be the capital of Madhya Pradesh but since you are from Delhi, you will feel good about the place, it has a nice airport, wide roads, less traffic, despite being vast red sand and stones it’s cool in Indore – weather wise. No activity is suggested for Day 3. We suggest you drive to Ujjain and dump your bags at the hotel, get a SHOWER. Enjoy dinner and drinks and sleep your A** off.
Day 4: Early morning cover Mahakal Mandir. (Optional – Added expenses not included in road trip) Hire a cab which covers Omkareshawar. Roam around the city, on a vehicle or by walking it’s your choice. When in Ujjain, try Poha, or we suggest eat anything and everything. Life should not be too serious! Drive back to Indore to your hotel. Relax.


Mahakaleshwar Temple, Ujjain
Hotels in Ujjain would be as cheap as INR 500 per day. If you stay at Indore it would be costly.
Day 5: Leave early morning and drive ~420 KM to Nashik. If you drive super-fast you may waste half the day and get bored. We suggest drive easy and enjoy the surroundings of the route from MP to MH. Take breaks for Breakfast and Lunch. Take chai-sutta-pee breaks. Click selfies, admire the villagers working on their farms! Whatever rocks your boat.
Day 6: Now you are in Maharashtra. And neither our Editor nor the Writer knows what to cover in Nashik. We didn’t even Google it, we are that lazy. Enjoy! Relax. Do whatever you want in Nashik. Movie. Restaurant etc.!
We checked out Airbnb and cost of a hotel at Nashik would be around INR 1000. Total expenses for 2 nights is INR 2000.
Day 7: Super busy day. Get your spirits high. You have to cover the longest and the most important stretch of the trip. Travel ~665 KM from Nashik to Goa. Leave early morning, drive easy, drive safe. Reach Goa by night. Grab a shower, go to some shack, get beers and eat your fill. Relax!
Days – 8 – 9 – 10: Enjoy GOA. Too much written online about Goa we are not even recommending you anything.


There is this thing we have never tried but have seen it in movies. Someone is swimming in waters and there is a shark behind them. Imagine! If you wish to try this hilarious prank out, you may want to buy this remote control shark –
Do share your experience with us. Use social media tools, links, hashtags, mentions, shoutouts or plain old email or comment.
There is no limit to how much you can spend in Goa. We checked Airbnb and our budget is INR 1,500 per night. For 4 nights INR 6,000.
Don’t drink on 10th Night. The trip ahead awaits. And it’s tiring.
Day 11: Drive north from Goa to MH again. After driving ~590 KM you will reach financial capital of India – Mumbai. The 11th night would be spent in rest.


Take a print out and tick off what all you experienced in Mumbai
Day 12: You are in Mumbai – Chose anything – Bollywood (Shahrukh’s Mannat, Salman’s Flat, Amitabh’s Jalsa), Food (Leopold Café, Irani Café and whatnot), Shopping (ANYTHING – ANYWHERE), beaches, local train rides, photography, whatever you want to do! Get amazed, get lost, get mesmerized – whatever you do – Enjoy it!
Both editor and writer have friends in Mumbai. HeHeHe!
We have (don’t know from where – maybe market researched) taken INR 4,000 for a stay in Mumbai to be ideal budget.
Day 13: Say goodbye to Mumbai. Drive ~420 KM to reach Vadodara. Gujarat is a dry state – don’t act smart. Get a license for liquor if you want to drink at your hotel room. Dine and rest at the hotel.
Day 14: Go to Laxmi Vilas Palace. Cover it leisurely. Give your legs and soul some much-needed rest.


Lakshmi Vilas Palace, Vadodara
Enjoy Gujarati thali (platter) – you will love thin watery and sugary daal, desi ghee preparations. It may be less in quantity but quality and taste are not compromised. Try food of the jokes – thepla, khakhra, dhokla etc!
We estimate that our stay in Vadodara would be INR 3,000 for 2 nights.
Day 15: Vroom Vroom. From Gujarat to Rajasthan. Drive ~345 KM to reach Udaipur. If you leave early and reach early you can enjoy the sunset boat ride at Lake Pichola. One word – Mesmerizing!
Day 16: You are in the City of Lakes. You can cover palaces, lakes, mandirs. Our recommendations – Vintage Car Museum, City Palace, local shopping and eating ‘Laal Maas’ (red meat).


City Palace, Udaipur
Staying in Udaipur is expensive. We have budgeted INR 4,000 for a 2-night stay. If you are lucky you can get a cheaper one, but don’t bet on it!
Now here it is tricky! We have two options –

  1. Drive to Jaipur – Day 17 Drive, Day 18 stay, Day 19th home to Delhi
  2. Skip Jaipur and drive ~670 KM on Day 17th to Delhi.

It’s up to you if you want to tour Jaipur as well. Add two nights and close to INR 4,000 more. We chose to drive back home since we have covered Jaipur many times!
The good thing about circuits is you can start from any city.
So, we have covered GOA. Many places and around 4,000 KM on a very fabulous road trip. Coming to the expenses, find below our assumptions.

Bike Fuel Efficiency – 35 KMPL
Fuel consumed – 4,000 KM/35 KMPL = 114 liter
Round off to 125 Liter

Fuel Cost – 125 X 90 = 11,250 INR

Food Per Day Per Head – 500 INR
Total – 16 X 2 X 500 = 16,000 INR

Gwalior – INR 3,000

Indore – INR 1,000

Nasik – INR 2,000

GOA – INR 6,000

Mumbai – INR 4,000

Vadodara – INR 3,000

Udaipur – INR 4,000

Jaipur – INR 2,000

Total – INR 25,000
The grand total for 2 people for the complete journey is:

Travel INR 11,250
Food INR 16,000
Lodging INR 25,000
Total INR 52,250
Per head – INR 26,125 Only/-

Always keep at least 10% of the budget in cash (over and above budget as an emergency fund)
Note: We have covered these places leisurely, stayed at places, rested our bodies, we ate our fill. So, this grand total estimate is on the higher side. Obviously, you can spend any amount anywhere but you get it right? The cost of travel is justified in the experience it brings!
Till next time – Ciao~
Team The Uninitiated Investor


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